I am a workaholic web applications developer stuck somewhere around the DC beltway.

In my paid time I write code, irritate my customers and co-workers and drink too much caffeine.

In my free time, I watch too much TV, play video games, read, write, take pictures, irritate my family and friends and drink too much caffeine. I also run a ridiculous amount of mileage per week, mostly because I can. Plus it's fun.

I also run a micro registrar to provide affordable domain registration and web hosting services to my close friends (there's a better explanation here). If you are tired of getting ripped off by your registrar and would like to have a registrar that answers his own phone, texts, and instant messages, you may want to check out our price list.

How to contact me

If you are of the paranoid persuasion, you can try PGP/GPG, my public key is here and you can compare it to the one kept here (you can try Google Hangouts too at pedro dot vera at gmail dot com). Facebook is OK if you don't mind the risk of getting drowned in the clutter, and don't even bother me trying to contact me on LinkedIn unless we have worked together in the past or you are a recruiter. And no, I am not looking for a job so don't cold call me, but I will happily pass job postings to my peers if it is something interesting.